The Internet provides a huge platform to people to share their opinions. Some put happy, encouraging thoughts while some people criticize others. We are not saying criticism is bad in any sense. It helps people to grow, know what they have been missing.
New Entrepreneurs often take criticism as demotivating factor and lose their composure.

Here we have mentioned some tips that will help you to be prepared for some criticism and improve your performance!

Rule 1 – Don’t Be Emotional!

You will affect your productivity a lot if you get emotional over some criticizing post. Getting emotional will make you less enthusiastic about your next project. If you face any criticism, face it bravely. Apologize for any misconduct and tell them their opinions matter. Be Polite and Tell them that their suggestions have been taken into consideration.
Being a good sport about criticism online will also motivate your customers to engage in business with you.

Rule 2 – Show them You can Perform Better

Cyber bullying is a common activity. Everyone loves to talk on the internet. When someone criticises you online, that criticism can be seen by others. This might badly affect your business if you don’t react properly and in due time.
Respond to Negative comments, tell them you’ll serve better next time.
Work on your mistake. Make new strategies and post about how you overcame your short comings. Such posts will show how dedicated you are on your job which will give customers another reason to come to you.

Rule 3 – Use it as Motivation 

Criticism can act as big motivator than a demotivator. Keep a positive energy towards feedback and you’ll see how criticising comments can provide you a new opportunity to grow yourself. Make efforts in correcting what went wrong. Be careful that you don’t make the same mistake again.
No big business was ever established without criticism.

Rule 4 – Ignore the Bullies

Some people, no matter what, will have a negative energy for you. They can affect your business. But if you perform well, provide the best services then their words will have little meaning because everyone else knows your potential. Thus, their criticism will have no impact on long run.
Reply to them once or twice, if the criticism continues, Start Ignoring Them!

Rule 5 – Focus More on Yourself

If you keep thinking what other think about you, you will ruin your effectiveness. Deal with your job first, then think about other. If someone doesn’t like your idea, it is their perspective. You should focus on what you want to convey. Changing your ideologies for someone will only result in failure.

I hope these tips would help you to face criticism like a champ. All in All, having a positive energy towards criticism will help you get better results in future.

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