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OnlyForStartups (OFS) has been initiated under the leadership of Mr. Anoop Mishra with the aim to build a community for startups and to provide them ease of business by offering them with low cost essential Marketing, Brand Communication, Web Development and IT Support. OFS will also conduct Workshops, Seminars & B2B Events with an objective to provide the right guidance to every startup.  This will ensure a better visibility, consumer reach, ROI for the Startups and bring them forward in the competitive market while minimizing their expences.
Being a part of the startup community will provide the new entrepreneurs with a platform to launch their products, services while also giving them an opportunity to network and find investors for their projects. Through our seminars and workshops we will provide the startups with right guidance and direction to help them achieve their goals and grow their business.


Our Mentors

Anoop Mishra Founder of Publicity Mantra & Pratyashi.com and OnlyforStartups.com

Anoop Mishra Founder (OFS Initiative )OFS > Only For Startups

Anoop Mishra
Founder OFS & Chief Mentor – Marketing Communications
The internet isn’t a “blue ocean” anymore. It’s fully matured and noisy now. Trying to get through to your customers has become impossible without breaking the bank. That’s where he come in.
He knows how to cut through the noise.
Anoop Mishra is an Entrepreneur, a digital marketing strategist, consultant and Keynote speaker focused primarily on Authority positioning, Strategic Marketing Communications, Social Media PR and online reputation management.

In his past 14 years of marketing and customer experience expertise, He helped more than 1200 business people‚ all from novices to CEO.
Anoop’s work experiences and entrepreneurial ventures have offered many fantastic opportunity to learn and experiment, refining Brands & Startups craft in the process.
Anoop Mishra effectively builds digital, media, and electronic media marketing strategies to help companies reach their professional goals. He is recognized among Top 10 Social Media Consultants in India and Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts in India by WizSky. Additionally, he has been recognized over Google on 2000+ lists related to Digital Marketing & Social Media PR Experts.
Website: www.anoopmishra.com

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
Chief Advisor & Mentor – PR Strategies
A Government Servant by Destiny. Media Manager, Lobbyist and Strategist by profession. Media Faculty teaching Modern Journalism and Public Relations, Best Selling Content Author by choice.

Dr Sharma is a five times National Award Winning PR, Content and Media Management professional, who served many VVIP dignitories in India without failing ever. Not only an all terrain PR warrior; with incredible contacts within every Government and State Dr. Sharma is also a visiting media expert associated with IGNOU and several other major accredited universities of India.

He is a successful blogger and especially gets thrilled authoring about unknown realms of the art & science of fortune telling. He regularly authors and edits all sorts of books for India’s topmost publishers. His bestsellers are available in several regional & foreign languages.

His favouite quote is “ Nothing is impossible, if you re committed to the goal.

Web: www.ashokkumarsharma.com.

Who Can Join OFS?

Our primary objective is to help and support businesses like Small Food ventures, Hotels, Café, Restaurants, Clinics, Hospitals, Urban Salon’s, FMCG, Fashion and Lifestyle stores, Tours and travels startups, Automotive startups, Organic and Dairy Production startups, Product manufacturers, IT & ITES startups.

Our target is not only confined to the startups in the urban areas but also from the rural parts of Country.

“ Most entrepreneurs think they’re building the next big thing. In reality, over 90% of them fail, But you’re not one of them right ? ”

Why OnlyforStartups!

  • As a part of our objective we will provide you with the right support, guidance and direction to help you flourish and develop your business.
  • Getting Low Cost Marketing and Brand Communication services for your business.
  • Opportunity to learn from Industry Experts and get proper guidance and financial support for your projects and businesses.
  • Finding solutions for your business problems through our Community Experts.
  • Opportunity to grow your business on a larger scale via our Community Network Programs.
  • Provide you a plateform to showcase, introduce and launch your ideas, concept and products.
  • Help Startups to gain their funding via our Sources, Venture Capatalist, Investors & Banks.
  • and many more…



OFS has its door open for all startups coming from across various fields and industries.


Building strong and healthy relations with our customers is our primary objective at OFS which will ensure the smooth functioning and development of the client.


Every organization needs a different strategy to achieve their goals and we at OFS make sure that we provide our customers with different and new ideas to grow and prosper.


OFS ensures maximum utilization of the available resources to provide maximum results to our customers at minimum expenditure.