If you are a new business or startup, you should be ready to issue your first press
release. Online PR distribution can help promote brand awareness and let the
media know what you are announcing.

A release is your opportunity to tell the public what you new product, service or
event is all about. It’s your chance to tell them why it is relevant and relevant to
earn media coverage.

Is Press release distribution only for popular and big companies?
A lot of businesses thought that distributing releases is only for big companies.
What they don’t know is that startups and small businesses will benefit like the
big ones.

Story is what matters in a release. Reporters aren’t going to cover stories from
popular brands only. They want fresh stories, no matter what size of the business

Any business that can issue newsworthy and relevant releases deserve
placements. If you are just starting your business, what do you want your target
audience know?
What makes your offer different, or what makes it stand out from the rest in the
market? Think like a reporter who is thinking about their readers.
Are you offering a new information that would interest them? What are the pain
points of your audience that you’re trying to solve?
By offering answers to these questions, you can position your brand as a thought
leader despite that you are a new business. Make sure to answer questions that
are in your audience’s minds. Media will consider you as a valuable source of
information if you display your expertise in your field.
Now, let’s check the benefits your startup gets if you use a newswire service.

  1. Immediate exposure.

The top benefit you’ll get is immediate exposure. If you’re just launching your
business, chances are that only a few people know about your brand.
Issuing releases at the right time will give your business a boost. It can quickly
spread news about your brand or offer.
It’s very important at this point that you’ll get exposure and catch the attention of
the media. Reporters can possibly give you media coverage if it’s newsworthy.
Since you’re just starting, you need to know the important scenarios that would
warrant your business to issue a release. You can’t issue a release in all
announcements in your business.
Gaining exposure in the beginning of your business plays a crucial role in your
ability to earn trust at this stage. Remember that trust matters a lot to earn
credibility and authority in your niche. If you’re just new, you should aim building
trust and credibility.

  1. You can position yourself as a thought leader.
    Being a startup shouldn’t inhibit you from writing about different topics that you
    are expert in your field. Are you a computer programmer expert?
    Issue releases to talk about the latest computer programs that you are
    knowledgeable about. Doing this can easily position you as an expert in your field.
    It can call the attention of reporters writing the topic. If they find your release
    relevant to their readers, they can cover your story. Even you’re a startup, you
    can use your expertise to gain publicity.
  2. It boosts traffic to your site.
    Using an online PR distribution Newswire service can boost traffic to your site.
    Since they place your content on different sites, locations and media outlets, you
    gain wide exposure of your business.
    It drives traffic to your site. There are over 3.5 billion searches daily, translating to
    an average of 40,000 searches per second.
    If your business isn’t aware of this big figure, you are missing a great opportunity
    that your competitors may have already been enjoying.

With the big number of online users, you need to ensure that your startup is seen
on top of the ranks. Your business should be prominent in the search results.
When this happens, people using a certain keyword that your business uses in
your content will find your site. It leads to influx of visitors, who want to learn
more about your announcement, to your site.
An online PR service ensures that your content is optimized with relevant links.
These links lead to a landing page that boost the number of people visiting your

  1. It helps increase leads.
    When you distribute releases through an online service, your story gets a wide
    exposure. Some PR companies have a social media sharing feature that enable
    your story to be shared on different social media sites.
    Visitors who have read your release may share it on their social media. The social
    media sharing feature is a complete ingredient to virality. When your news gets
    viral, you are exposed to a lot of people who are impossible for you to reach
    without a PR service.
    A viral release means that more people read and engage with your story. They are
    potential leads who are more likely to be converted to buyers.
  2. It promotes sales.
    You can write releases if your goal is to boost your sales. If you want to work on
    increasing your earning potential, you need to make sure that your releases are
    designed to do it.
    Online PR distribution can help achieve this by promoting brand awareness. When
    you write it, position your product or service on top of the minds of the buyers.
    Think outside the box. What do they need? Make sure that your product or
    service can fulfill it.
    When you distribute releases, you ensure that your message reaches your
    audience. The exposure leads to more leads and automatically your sales.
  3. It boosts your SEO.

When PR companies syndicate your news to different locations and sites, you
earn valuable backlinks. Sites that published your story gives you organic
Although some experts believe that releases don’t have SEO value anymore, it still
have when done right. It provides an indirect SEO.
A well written release that answers inquiries are more likely to land on top of the
search engine result pages (SERPs). Google values sites that are relevant to users
by positioning it on top of the ranking.
Use proper keywords in your releases. Avoid overstuffing if you don’t want to be
flagged for spamming.

  1. It enables you to reach the audience.
    A PR company can help you in reaching targeted audience. Since most of them
    offers geographic targeting and are industry-specific, it ensures that you can
    reach your target audience.
    For instance, if you want to reach the local or national audience for a wider scope,
    you can select which one to target. If you belong to the technology industry,
    working with a distribution service ensures that you’ll reach audiences who have
    interest in technology.
    This is a good feature that can ensure that you have a maximum exposure. It also
    places you in front of the audience who are more likely to test or purchase your
  2. It supports you on building relationship with the press.
    PR Distribution services have a network of journalists and media outlets where
    they syndicate your news. It means a lot for startups as you haven’t built
    relationship with the media this early on.
    When you use a service, it sends your story to your target media who may have
    the interest to cover you. Although you have not built relationship with them yet,
    it is a way to start building one.
    A well-written release can catch their attention. It may prompt them to
    communicate with your brand for coverage.

Once they contacted you, don’t waste this opportunity to engage with them. Even
if they haven’t contacted you, do your own effort to reach out. It’s your
opportunity to grow rapport and build relationship.

  1. It’s a great opportunity to promote your news across various platforms.
    When you use a PR service, they syndicate your story to different platforms. Your
    story can appear on Google News and other search engines, sites, social media
    channels and to their network of reporters and publications.
    It means that you have a wider exposure compared when you just pitch your
    story to the press. You are maximizing every potential for your new business.
    When more people have access to your story, a lot of media can cover you. Your
    story may get published on the newspaper, magazines, appear on the television
    or heard on the radio.
    There’s a lot of exposure for your business which brings you tons of benefits. The
    benefits are limitless which is very important for a business that is just starting.
  2. It attracts investors.
    As a new business, growing your investment and sales is your prime goal. Issuing
    releases through a newswire means that your story is seen not only by your target
    audience, but interested investors as well.
    It will be easy for these investors to see what your business does and what you
    are capable of. You don’t have to promote your business in front of them because
    your releases are doing it for you.
    They can learn about your business and offer. It’s expected that investors
    collaborate only with trusted businesses. Issuing releases on a regular basis
    through newswires give your business an edge over your competitors. It ensures
    that you are present when other businesses are not visible.
    As a new business, you’ll get more opportunities that you may never get when
    you don’t use a PR service. Take advantage of these benefits that will help your
    skyrocket your business.