“Marketing within the age of social media isn’t a piece of cake; a technique which can have worked a year ago might not offer you the drive you would like now.”
Social media is changing at a fast pace. Whether you are just starting your career with social media or you are a pro, it’s always wise to keep an eye on what the top social media experts are doing.
So we’ve researched and gathered the list of the top social media experts which will help to guide you towards your goal.
Here is the list of top 10 social media marketing experts you should be following.

Top 10 Social Media experts to Follow in 2021

Top 10 Social Media experts to Follow in 2021

#1 Ananthanarayanan V
Founder & CEO of Techdivine Creative Services Digital Agency.







Ananthanarayanan V is a globally renowned speaker, Corporate Trainer, Coach, Visiting Faculty & Digital ROI Strategist for some of the top corporate brands. In his 18+ Years of Corporate & Entrepreneurial Work Experience, he has helped Fortune 500 companies & elite academic institutions across the globe. He is also the first place winner of the global Peter Drucker Challenge in the Entrepreneurs category across 35+ countries.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- Ananthanarayanan V
Twitter- @ananthv9

#2 Anoop Mishra
Founder & CEO of Publicity Mantra

Anoop Mishra Social Media Expert

Anoop Mishra is a renowned keynote speaker, a veteran Social Media PR & Digital Marketing Strategist, and a business consultant.
In his 14+ years of experience, he has helped 800+ companies – from emerging startups to industry leaders and some government projects. He is a well-known Social Media PR Strategist, mostly hired by Politicians or Political Party for Political Image Makeover and Online Reputation, using all means of Media channels for their Constituency.

He has successfully Co-founded ventures like VISIS SOFTWARE, (IT Outsourcing & Web Development Company)  PUBLICITY MANTRA (a Strategic Marketing & Brand Communication Agency ), and social initiatives like Pratyashi.com for emerging leaders & politicians of India and OFS – OnlyforStartups.com to support and guide the early startups in India.

He has recognized on google over 1200+ lists related to Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant in India, and Best Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategists in India.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- @AnoopMishra
Twitter- @AnoopKMishra
Website- anoopmishra.com

#3 Pradeep Chopra
Co-founder of Digital Vidya

Pradeep Chopra has been a part of the digital Industry since 2000. Intending to form a digital marketing learning place to nurture talents within the field of marketing, he built Digital Vidya, which is committed to the growth of Digital Marketing. He has personally trained quite 1,500 professionals and holds pride in being a speaker at global conferences like Word Blogger, NASSCOM India Leadership Forum. Pradeep Chopra is also one of the most sought-after international speakers.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- @Pradeep Chopra
Twitter- @pradeepchopra
Website- digital vidya

#4 Sorav Jain
Founder, Digital Scholar & CEO of echoVme

Sorav started his career at the early age of 17 as an SEO executive and contributed significantly to the digital marketing industry. He is the CEO of echoVme, a self-funded firm that delivers world-class Social Media and Digital Marketing expertise. Moreover, the firm was recognized as ‘The Best Social Media Agency of 2013’ by CMO Asia. He helps his readers determine the social website aspects and opportunities which will aid Indian manufacturers in transforming into an authentic brand together with his publications. He has been acknowledged among the ‘Best 25 Social Media Professionals of India’ by the International Youth Advertising Forum.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- @Sorav Jain
Twitter- @SoravJain
Website- soravjain

#5 Jitendra Vaswani
Founder of Digiexe

Jitendra Vaswani is among the foremost active components of the Indian website world. He is one of the expert bloggers from India who founded Blogger’s Ideas in 2013. He has been honored amongst the top 20 bloggers in India in 2014.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- @Jitendra Vaswani
Twitter- @JitendraBlogger
Website- jitendra.co

#6 Deepak Kanakaraju
CEO at PixelTrack Digital

Deepak Kanakaraju, more popular as Digital Deepak, maybe a digital marketer by profession and keenness. Begin his career in 2008, since then he has written two books on Digital Marketing to date. With his digital marketing strategies, he helps brands and corporations strengthen their online presence. Among the highest 10 Digital Marketing Blogs in India, digitaldeepak.com holds a prominent place. Furthermore, he’s a columnist at Entrepreneur.com and YourStory.
Follow him on:
Linkedin-  @Deepak Kanakaraju
Twitter- @highdeepak
Website- digitaldeepak.com

#7 Neha Kulwal
CEO at Admitad India

Neha Kulwal was honored by CMO Asia and the World Marketing Congress with the prestigious title of one of the 50 Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders 2017. Besides, she has even won the APEA Award 2017 and the women Entrepreneurship Award. With a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry, she holds high hands-on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Market Research.
Follow her on:
Linkedin- @Neha Kulwal
Twitter- @nehakulwal

#8 Rajat Jain
CEO at ShootOrder

Rajat Jain is the founder and CEO of ShootOrder, a top-ranked digital marketing company that serves 200+ clients across the globe. If you would like to work out the newest trends within the digital marketing space, you’ll follow his blog named ‘SpeakRJ”. Here, he shares his marketing experiences also because of the recent developments within the market. In addition to this, Rajat Jain is recognized as one of the best digital marketing consultants in India.
Follow him on:
Linkedin- @Rajat Jain
Twitter- @speakrj
Website- speakrj.com

#9 Ankita Gaba
Co-founder at Social Samosa

Ankita Gaba is the co-founder of Social samosa, social media knowledge storehouse. She has served renowned clients like Idea, fun cinemas, etc, and a guest faculty in several colleges under Mumbai University. She has been listed together of the highest 50 Indian women to follow on Twitter.
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Twitter- @ankitagaba

#10 Rohit Biddappa

Rohit Biddappa is an independent business and social marketing advisor based out of Bangalore, India. A graduate in business management from the University of Mysore, India. Rohit has spent almost 25 years in Enterprise/ B2B Technology/Developer Marketing, Lead Generation, Influencer Engagement, Sales, Training, PR, Advertising, Social/Digital, Brand Management & Entrepreneurship. His key skills include team management, resource optimization, planning & execution, partner engagement, and MBO. He is a keynote speaker and has spoken at the Indian Institute of Management (Bengaluru), Goa Institute of Management, Vanguard Management School, ISBR, Christ University, Rotary Bengaluru, IBM, Target, Tedx BIT Bangalore, PRUNE & Nerds United Alpha (NUA). Rohit is currently the Head of Enterprise Marketing, Digital & Corporate Communications at NVIDIA India.

Follow him on:
Linkedin- @Rohit Diddappa