1) Creates an Impact

Good brand communication will always have an excellent impact on the customers and will make the customers feel more connected to the brand. An example of this is any social campaign that you see in the market – which if executed properly, makes a huge impact on the customers. The brand and their creative agency is the reason behind this positive impact. You can read this article on social ads with a strong message

2) Makes you an authority

Bosch and Siemens are two brands which we respect because they always talk about their superior engineering. The products are superior and much better then many of the competition. However, if the brand does not communicate these values, then it will not make the brand an authority on the subject. Monster.com is an authority when it comes to job seekers. Rolex is an authority when it comes to watchmaking. This authority has been built not only with product design but also with brand communications.

3) Differentiates

A brand which connects with the customers differentiates itself from the competition. This is a huge competitive advantage to the brand because when brand comparisons are made, the loyalty and following that a brand has differentiates the brands from its competitors. There are many brands of Smartphones or Air conditioner or even televisions. But people will always go for a Daikin in air conditioners or a Samsung /Apple in smartphones. These are brands which have differentiated themselves through their market offerings and also throught brand communication

4) Improves loyalty

One of the crucial advantages of positive brand communication is that it builds loyalty in the minds of the customers. If the customer has had a positive experience with the brand, then repeated brand communications to the customer via advertising or promotion will make the customer a brand advocate. This single customer can bring other customers to the brand via word of mouth. For this repeat exposure to the customer, brand communications are required.

5) Develops the market

A brand which communicates with its customers, slowly and steadily builds a positive market for itself. HUL and P&G are companies which understand this perfectly. These companies are handling many different brands and products at the same time. And one of the first strategy these companies use to make a product acceptable is to increase brand communications in the market.