You are living in a digital world, where all buying decisions are largely dependent on your online presence. Gone are those days when the popularity of a brand solely depended on the years of its existence and deliverance of quality products, e.g. Nokia, Reebok, Raymond, Woodland, Park Avenue, Gillette, and others. Although these businesses are still doing well and are held in high esteem, they are not the only ones competing for consumer attention today. A number of new companies have established themselves in the industry with the help of enhanced digital marketing services, that too in a much shorter period of time.

Nowadays, if you wish to start a new business, you no longer need to worry about being thrust against these big names. Effective digital marketing campaigns will make you at least a Duke, if not the King, in your niche. You will be competing against the big names but, your existence will not be sidelined. If you have a strong identity online, your business will be highlighted, thus attracting more traffic. Also, the digital marketing campaigns give rise to measurable results, be it traffic, leads or conversions. Read on to know further about the necessity of digital marketing services for your startup.

Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Should Be A Priority

Entrepreneurship is the mantra of today as startups are springing up everywhere and new businesses are growing at a pace never observed before. However, it is also true that about 50% of these start-ups fall flat within the first four years [Reference: (]. The failures occur due to various reasons and we probed into the details to find out that marketing is one of them [Reference: (].

Besides the fear of failure, there are other reasons why startups should opt for a robust digital marketing strategy.

  • Establishment of Brand Identity
    What is Brand Identity? The visible elements of a business like, its Logo, Typeface, Tagline, and others that distinguish the Brand from its competition, together constitute the Brand identity of that particular business. You may create your own Identity easily, but, how will you make your target customers aware of your brand? The costs of traditional marketing can go well beyond the financial resources of a startup or a small business. So, what other option do you have?
    Enter “Online Marketing and Promotion”
    An average of 40% of the world population, including Europe, Asia and the remote areas of Africa have an internet connection today [Reference: (]. If you wish to create awareness of your business and establish your Brand Identity, online marketing services are one of the most effective and affordable ways to do that. You can hire from some of the best, experienced digital marketing companies in India to help you reach out to your target audience.
  • Social Media Awareness
    Over 1 Billion people in the world are active daily on their social media accounts [Reference: (]. This is too big a number to ignore if you are looking for ways to reach out to your target customers. Digital marketing experts, who have been in the industry for a long time and, who are well acquainted with the latest trends, use careful methods to make your brand socially visible. Once, you become popular in the social media, word-of-mouth promotion will be triggered and your business will get that first kick in the journey to reach the top rungs of success.
  • Increased Lead Generation
    Generating high quality leads for your business is a task that only the most efficient online marketing experts can accomplish. Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing are a few of the enhanced ways to generate leads for your business. The marketers are responsible for producing free eBooks, Webinars, Videos, Newsletters and etc to create the “Buzz” required to generate leads.
  • Reputation Management
    Your customers rely heavily on Google and other search engines to get an idea about the quality of your services/products. They rely on the reviews, customer testimonials, and video testimonials to find out all about your reputation. Apart from creating awareness of your brand, a digital marketing company continuously tracks and manages your online reputation and takes measures to improve it on the web.
  • Optimization Of Conversion Rate
    The digital analytics are measurable and, the strategies can be altered based on the observations. This is one of the best things about an online marketing campaign. In order to optimize conversion rate, you need to know how many conversions are occurring at the present moment. Only an experienced marketer with sound knowledge of Analytics tools like Google Analytics, can understand all the metrics and change the existing strategies accordingly.

Do you see how effectively digital marketing can speed up your business promotion and marketing endeavors? It will be quicker, more effective and way affordable than traditional marketing. Furthermore, everything can be strategically measured and analyzed. Talk to a marketing consultant from a reputable agency to know about the importance of a professional digital marketing services. He/she will give you further insight into the web world to make you understand the complete process of online marketing and promotion. Creating a startup is easy but ensuring its success in the long run is difficult without a proper marketing plan.

So, enhance your knowledge, resolve your queries and create a successful plan to market your startup business today.