Startup business has a limit on how much they can advertise because they are still new, and don’t have much revenue to afford heavy advertising. But Still advertising is a big part of startup’s success. If done right, you will have access to huge crowd to share your message and promote your Brand.

Thus, it becomes important for marketer to understand how to advertise before spending money on it. Your Ads should have a bigger purpose than just selling –

  • Attracting Customers
  • Encouraging customers to try new products
  • Building Credibility
  • Spread Information
  • Promote your Brand not just to Customer but to Investors

Most of the time startups commit a mistake to use Adverts for such activities

  • Try to Sell first
  • Expect to have a customer base
  • Create services that they aren’t sure they can offer

Your Advertisement should be focused on your brand getting noticed. To share your vision with your target audience.

For your advertisement to properly work you need to focus on these 5 activities –

Plan your Message

Your message needs to be short and precise. Tell them what you are, before telling them what you offer. Make sure your advert consists a message that is easy for people to understand and attach to.

Try to know your Audience

Use your advert to spark a connection with your customers. Try to increase engagement. Interact with them. Share your stories and stories of your staff.
Try to get to know what your customer really wants.

Creative and Distinctive

It only takes a person a couple of seconds to decide whether they will read the advert or not. Make the most out of that time. Create something unique and compelling. An attractive advert always attracts attention.

Make sure your advert is on the right platform

Once you publish your content online, you can’t control how many people will see it. Publish it on platforms where you can find your target audience more often. The more they see you will increase the chances of them doing business with you.

Give it Time

Adverts take their time to get noticed. Chances of customers to see you once and contact you are less than minimal. Let your advert grow. Publish it frequently.
In the end, A great advert may not bring you a lot of sales, but surely will bring you attention that you need

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