Small Business are not widely recognized and need as much attention they can get. Marketers are taking all measures to make sure they are visible for their customer – Online and Offline.
The ultimate goal for any small business is to generate more customers and gain more sales. To do so they need to cling to all available sources of to publicize themselves. But the job doesn’t end here. Once a customer engages with your business, you need to retain him. To retain customers special emphasis needs to be given on Customer Engagement

Here are some tips to increase customer engagement –

Distribute Content that is Relevant to your Customers.

The content you publish on Social media and Press releases is a valuable weapon that presents you a platform to share offers, schemes, information that is relevant to customers.
Post Content regularly. The more your customer hears from you the more likely they will engage with your brand.
Post relevant content –News and Information, Behind the scenes, New  Offers etc.

Be more Active on Social Media

Being on social media doesn’t mean that you limit your activities to posting your content. The main reason of being on social media is to interact with your customer. Talk to your customers, respond to their comments, read their suggestions, thank them for their support, apologize for any bad conduct. All these activities highlight that you want to engage with your audience not just sell your product.
Make a schedule to respond to customers.

Do not Ghost any customer

Ghosting customer is the worst. When a person comes to buy your product, they take the first step. To convert that one-time customer to a loyal customer you need to maintain a special connection with them. It may sound absurd to have personalized interaction with all your employees, but that is what makes a company grow.
Follow your customer. Assist them with all their needs. Ask them what more you could do for them, if they need something more. And at last a simple thanks will make sure they remember they service they received.

Keep Updating

Keep yourself up to date!
Know all the trends that are viral on social media. Use those trends to benefit your business. This helps keeping your customers engaged with you.  Use all new media. Videos are trending because of easy access to internet. Make use of it. Make a video showing your services. Doing such activities has resulted more visibility for businesses.

Communicate via Email/SMSs/Calls

Its true that email and SMSs are still relevant. In fact surveys say that Email marketing has  resulted growth and development of many business organisations.
Emails/SMSs/Calls which are sent without taking consent of customers are called SPAM and such unregistered  communication is the reason why they have such a bad name.
Emails/SMSs/Calls that are made after taking permission are more likely to have a good response. When you communicate, you can also personalize your Customer Strategies. Make a database. Note information. Take feedback. Use this data to make personalized strategies to create better engagements.

Customer Engagement is important but running a business involves so many activities that focusing on all of them is not possible.

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