Startup? Why do you need it?

Startup? Why Not?

Startups and if a person should invest in it has always been a dilemma.
The new environment, Unknown risks, Family Support, Finances and so much more things that create a confusion in the minds of people that they stop considering starting a Startup.

Startups are the new trend and yes they come with many new complications but these factors affect all new ventures. Also a startup is the dream that you so want to fulfill. So lets just Keep all the ‘complications’ out of our way and list all the positive reasons to indulge in a startup.

  • Lead yourself!

Starting a new startup makes you responsible for your business. You will be leading your business and be and all the other people working with you in your endeavor. You will be making decisions for your business, Setting your Hours of Work, full control over work environment, work place, work equipment.
All this freedom to work by your rules rather that following orders from someone else does makes a strong argument.

  • Creating something you believe in

Do you believe in something that you want to work for?
You can wish to serve the all new dish you created to the world or You want to create a new technology Or a new software that you had been working on. All these Wishes are fruitful to society but cannot be accomplished while working in a job.

All the big names-  Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates – couldn’t have achieved what they have if they didn’t  take action for their dreams.
  • Create Yourself

Working in an office for hours feel like a machine’s work?
Explore yourself. Become an entrepreneur. Discover what you want to love. Discover your passions and make them your profession.
All jobs are tiring. Get tired over something you love to do!

  • Venture into new fields

Every job requires a certain skill set. You spend years learning a subject and later work on the same subject.
Startups provide an opportunity for you to step out of your current field and explore what other things you have been missing out. A startup will give a huge opportunity to do marketing even if you have no idea about it. You will be dealing with company finance, Graphic Designing  conducting sales and so much more.

  • Job Maker

A startup is the only way you change from job seeking to providing jobs.
There are so many people out in the world who have same ideas, dreams like you.
Find such community, provide them a chance to work together into bringing that dream to life.

  • Free to choose your finance

Not sure how to get finances for your business? There are so many institutions that allow funds for new startup ideas. If you wish to become an entrepreneur you can borrow funds from so many sources.
And once you have the funds you become the solo decision maker on how you should use your finances.
The power to choose whether you want to invest more on shares, or you want to spend on equipment, Or just save the funds. These decisions are vital for business and in your startup you are liable to make them.

  • Its an absolute win!

Sure, It is a possibility that your startup might not do so well, or worse it might fail. But is it actually a failure?
Your Startup Career teaches you more than what you could learn from a corporate jobs. You learn the practical environment of business which is much useful for your future.
You learn all the aspects of business and even of you fail, atleast you started a business. That is so much more worth than your qualifications.

Any other big reasons?
Still confused Why A Startup?

We say – Why not Start A Startup! Let’s Connect! Or Consult with India’s one of the Leading Social Media Strategist Anoop Mishra, Founder of a Top rated Brand Comm  & PR agency Publicity Mantra.