Entrepreneurs are the New Future of Indian economy. Every entrepreneur idea has created something new for the society, offering something to society. Bringing in new opportunities on a variety of horizons. Thus, it is the duty of government to encourage entrepreneurs.

The Reasons why? –

They offer things people need

Entrepreneurs come with unique ideas and convert them into business opportunities. They see a problem and seek the opportunity coming from it. Thus the motivation to do something big and taking risk is a necessary thing for entrepreneurs.

Providing Employment

Every startup creates opportunities for many people. Not a single startup can survive without people. They need people who have similar thinking, encouraged by similar ideas. Thus, they create a huge opportunity for people.

Bringing Technology

Entrepreneurs who create new products also bring new technology into existence. They exist because they seek problem solving abilities. Thus, new technology is often invented.

Environmental Challenge

The world is on the brink of environmental challenges. With each year getting hotter, entrepreneurs have also become hot head about saving the world in time. They make ideas which help the environment and make healthy future.

Continuous Innovation

Startups are what keep the market dynamic. The big companies often take over startup ideas because they create such innovative ideas that change the way business people see the market.

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