Linkedin Marketing by Only For Startups

LinkedIn is a huge platform for businesses who know how to promote and where to find your target audience. LinkedIn is home to many people who are already looking for business to either do business with, join or connect. This offers opportunity for you to promote actively on LinkedIn about your brand and Business

Things to do on LinkedIn for Business! –

Tell your Story!

Your LinkedIn handle can provide for a huge audience. Here you can promote yourself. Not just your product but your business – your idea, your vision your story!

Add a logo for your handle, provide straightforward information, then start your story. Tell them why you are in this business. This type of promotions are only done by LinkedIn and no other networking sites as this targets professionals to find you.


Showcase your brand, your service or your product. LinkedIn is a free social media networking sites which allows free posts. Thus you can promote as much as you want. The paid sponsors however help you to find more people and generate more engagement.

Increase SEO

LinkedIn help you to analyse and interpret what people are looking for. Thus helping your SEO strategy. People use keywords to search, these keywords can be found easily when you study how people ask suggestions and queries on LinkedIn.

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