Launching is a new startup is nothing short of a tiring and hectic process. Every new business have to deal with a host of issues and responsibilities.

Here we have the list of Essential resources that a startup requires.

Startup communities

Startup communities if you used properly can be a very powerful and helpful in the development of your business. You can join a virtual online community or go to meet ups in your city. These communities present you with an opportunity to interact and network.

You can find assistance, guidance, support and resources through these communities. These communities present you with an opportunity to to glean information, learn from peers, exchange tips and tricks, acquire new business skills, make connections and most importantly, support fellow entrepreneurs.

Pitch competitions

Finding investors for your startup will help you in knowing about the obstacles, reviews from other people and help you to study or work on your startup. You many not get funding but it will give you the right exposure you nedd to develop your business.

It is hard to know how much will your business grow up to until and unless you study what your competitors are doing.

Pitching your startup to a group of investors can earn you the kind of funding and exposure you need to grow your business. This will help you to get feedback, better ideas, new connections and more opportunities.


A number of workshops are organize by organizations to help emerging entrepreneurs leanr about a wide range of topics. From defining your business model to legal considerations, insurance and accounting, there is a lot that is taught when you participate in these workshops.

Workshops offer the best opportunity for you to learn as you learn under people who have been through the same struggle that you are facing now. Some workshops also offer free consultations to young entrepreneurs. You can also learn from some online webinars like  BizLaunch and Incorporate.

Networking events

Networking events help you to build relations and find investors as they present you an opportunity to meet with successful business owners, innovators, educators and investors.

Freelancers and consultants

Freelancers and Consultants help you to save bucks while getting some work for your business done. Hiring an employee for a role that is not always required may cost you a hefty amount, hiring a freelancer as and when required not only saves your money but also gets your work done. You can hire freelancers from websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Guru.

A Consultant is needed as there are times when you want to discuss your idea, queries etc with someone who can give a reasonable and meaningful output on it.

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are easy to find but finding one that suits your needs and budget is not an easy task.

You can choose to rent a sharing space with other small businesses and startups to reduce your overhead costs. Coworking spaces offer a better environment to work rather than your home. These spaces help you to maximize productivity as you are away from all sorts of distractions.

Coworking spaces foster a creative, collaborative environment that may further contribute in the development of your business.