Having a great startup idea won’t bring success to startup until you perfectly execute it. Many entrepreneurs believe they can work alone. This is One of the biggest reasons why startups fail. A Perfect team is necessary to ensure that you can run a perfect startup.
Every successful startup story involves a team and their efforts to bring a dream into reality.
Building a Perfect Team might sound like some heavy work but once you successfully create a team, your startup will definitely flourish.

Hire People who are good at executing ideas

The very first advise I’d give you is to hire someone who knows how execution works. You already have a great business idea. The work that needs to be done is for executing that idea for creating a good business. Make a list of all the skills that are required for your business and choose the person who exhibits all or most of them.

Hire someone specially for Customer Service

You have started a business. You need to handle it properly. But with everything that you need to do, where does Customer Service lands up on your list?
Customer Service is an essential part of running a startup. A new business is already very tough to run. In a condition like this, customer service is like a weapon for you. Hire someone who is patient enough to handle all your customer troubles.
Hire a Person who knows how to handle customer.

Make sure your Team looks Good

No. I don’t mean hire handsome people.
Hire people and then make them handsome.
Your team needs to be very well represented in front of clients, investors, stakeholders. Since you are a startup, everyone will judge you. Make sure your team puts up a decent first impression. Make their personalities grow because a good personality always attracts people.

Be your Teams Leader

You don’t have to hire a leader. If you Hire a someone for leadership purpose, He/she may prove a leader but will the rest of your team consider them their leader. The team you create looks up to you. Thus, you need to be the leader.
Help your teammates, ensure their work’s quality, boost their morale. Such activities will boost team spirit and ensures success.

Hire for skills that you don’t have

What can you do? What are your skills? Its your startup, if you have certain skillset that are needed for your business why should you hire someone else?
This is an important decision. Hire people for things you need.

I hope these tips may prove useful to you. Try to create the best team possible.

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