Employees are an asset to your company, and according to various studies, they are more important than any other asset. They play the most critical role in a company. It is because of a good workforce a business can be functional and generate profits. Thus, it makes it very important that you keep your workforce happy and motivated.
The challenge that many entrepreneurs face is that they don’t know how to manage good employee relations. How to make them work more efficiently, increase their productivity, make them more passionate about their jobs.
One of the most widely used motivator is – Compensation. They work more hours, compensate them, they produce more, compensate them. This might help to improve your employee’s morale but it is not the best method of motivating them. All employees need is to feel that they do belong here. Motivational factors have changed a lot over the years.

Below we have mentioned the best ways to motivate your employees –

Proper Work-Life Balance!

Work life balance is actually the first thing that any employee thinks about before joining the job. In todays era, Work-Life Balance is an important element in work life. You need to have a proper work life balance for nourishing psychological health. It can be flexible work hours, allowing work from home, providing child care services in office in case anyone needs it. All these little things make your work environment a lot better.
Yes, every organisation faces different challenges regarding work life balance and yes, it is possible that Child Care Services are not needed in your office so why have it? This is where your HR comes in. Conduct a research. Ask your employees what they wish. How they want to have a work-life balance, what more services they want in an office. You can do this by spreading Questionnaires, conducting one to one interview, have a meeting.
A proper Work-life Balance will motivate your employees to feel like home, and it will make them more productive!

Business Environment

Want employees to regularly come to work? Maintain a good Work Environment. Building a good working environment is the first step to build a good employee relation. Take the initiative to start interactions. Help your workforce to communicate to each other. When all the workers are cooperative and are able to properly communicate to each other, they will show more efficiency in their jobs. Conduct team-building exercises. All these efforts will help your employee’s morale and they will feel appreciated.

Company Culture

Every employee, when he comes for the interview, has this question. What is your Company Culture like? They may ask you or they may not. But the impression they have about your workforce will greatly rule their judgement. For how long an employee will retain in your company depends a lot on your company’s culture. How much work is done in the company? How the work is handled in a company. What are your monthly or weekly targets? All these questions might sound like some small queries but they effect your employee’s productivity a lot. If you impose a lot of work on an employee, they might feel stressed and want to quit their job. Employee retention is an important part for having a good functioning workforce.

Often many entrepreneurs skip all these methods of motivation because they are nonmaterialistic. But more than any reward, employees want to recognition.

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