What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding involves generating small amounts of money for your capital from a large number of individual (business owners, investors, banking institutes) to fund your new business startup. Crowdfunding is the most effective method of creating a huge network of people, through Social Media or Other Websites. This is done to gather investors and other entrepreneurs together so that you can promote your startup, spread your idea, Encourage supporters and much more. This is not just a funding activity; it also helps your marketing campaign a lot.

Read these 5 Benefits that Crowdfunding can provide to your business!

Fund your Business

Crowdfunding is one of the best methods of generating funds. When you indulge in a crowd funding activity, you put yourself and your business in front of a pool of investors who are already willing to invest in a good business idea. If you successfully present yourself in a crowdfunding event, you can receive funds for your capital before even actually commencing business. You can put your products on display or sample them to showcase what quality of product you have for the market. Funds generated by Crowdfunding may or may not have any interest charges.
A good crowdfunding event can motivate startups to work at their full potential.
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Market yourself

Crowdfunding event provides a huge opportunity to promote and publicize your Brand or Business. The people who visit the event are your target audience for funding your business but they can also be your loyal customers. Market yourself, don’t just try to sell your products, let them know why you have entered this business and what you are willing to provide the society.
There are many Press and Media Personnel who will be writing about the event. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to the maximum audience and tell them your Vision and Mission.

Building Community

Crowdfunding event has many benefits. The other big benefit of crowdfunding is that it helps in creating communities. Many business owners just see crowdfunding as a funding event, but if you do it right, it will help you to reach out to people and ask them to support you in your venture. Crowdfunding can be turned into a campaign to spread your word to the audience.
Building a loyal community can take many years but the strongest element of a community are your supporters who were with you from the start. This type of event will help you gain such supporters.


Media Exposure is what every entrepreneur hopes to get for their startup. But what could be better if your business can get Funding, do marketing, create community or supporters and along with all this, get the best media exposure? There are many people who attend such functions, if you are able to successfully present yourself/Market yourself, media will right all positive about you. This is the best way to gain positive exposure. This will ultimately increase your brand awareness and generate more customer engagement.

So, now you know what Crowdfund is, and what it can do for your startup
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